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Caught in an attack between Iraq and Iran, Arashk, a petrochemical engineer, meets Leyla, an archaeologist. They fight together against the Iraqi invasion, while solving the mystery of the famous battle between Lotfali Khan Zand and Agha Mohammad…

Nader defeats the afghan invasion of Iran in the 16th century.

Set over 200 years ago, Lotfali Khan Zand bravely defends Persia after losing his capital Shiraz to Agha Mohammad Khan Ghajar.

A boy named Fadia sets out in the fantasy world of Naria to defend against Khazdaks who are polluting the river.

Age of Paladins.jpg
Based on Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, the story centers itself on Atar, son of Pishad, fighting against the deevs laying waste to the kingdom.

Men of Freedom.jpg
Men of Tangestan defend Iran against the British forces occupying Bushehr during the early 20th century.

Avoid meteorites and save creatures from dying planet.

Set in 1978, the player must obtain clues through puzzles and FPS.

Shadow Racer.jpg
Shadow Racer is an arcade-style racing game for mobile devices with classic, robber, multi-online player, and cop modes.

Cold Mountain.jpg
Kaveh, a soldier with official clearances, must take on high-risk missions to catch the enemy.
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