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A collection of games based on famous literature in Iran.

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Legends of Persia
Based on Avesta Scripture and Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, Legends of Persia takes place between late antiquity and medieval times after Afrasiab killed Siavosh, the prince of Persia. Siavosh's son, Keykhosro seeks vengeance. The player protects KeyKhosro,…

Forgotten Sound 1: Revelation
Prince Shahbaz, heir of the Kingdom of Alba, must find an antidote to wake his father the King up from an ominous sleep. In order to accomplish this task, he must find the forgotten sound to the Kingdom.

Forgotten Sound 2: Destiny
Forgotten Sound 2 is the second part in the Forgotten Sound series where Shahbaz must travel across the world to fix his mother's instrument. He meets a series of goddesses while looking for a solution.

Garshasp: The Monster Slayer
Evil Deevs roam the lands of Khunirath, rebelling against humans. Led by Azhi Dahaka, the Deevs bring about suffering to humans. The Deev Hitasp seeks to destroy Siavoshgard, a village home to Paladins. Garshasp, the monster slayer, seeks revenge…

Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon
Searching for secrets in the Temple of the Dragon, Garshasp travels a distance though unaware of the dangers and creatures strewn among the lands.

Qajary Cat
A story told through the eyes of a kitten, the kitten must escape from Naser al-Din Shah Qajar, who has stolen the cat as a way to heal himself on his deathbed. The kitten goes on a series of journeys. The story represents resistance against…

Mir-Mahna must defeat the Dutch colonial forces in Iran during the 1740s.

Based in the time of Alexander the Great during the Achaemenid Empire, Aryo Bardan and soldiers of Iran fight against Alexander's attack on Iran.

Betraying their treaty, Ahriman invades Ahura's territory and seeks to defeat Ahura, Ahriman suffers a total loss but will not accept failure.

Age of Paladins
Based on Ferdowsi's Shahnameh, the story centers itself on Atar, son of Pishad, fighting against the deevs laying waste to the kingdom.
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